The goal of the Network SocioComplex II is to consolidate the main forces of Spanish research in Complexity Science (CS) in the context of Socio-Technological Systems.

Big Data and technological advances have provided an unprecedented opportunity to understand human interactions and the functioning of our societies. The motivation of the 10 groups that make up this network is trying to converge and contribute in a synergistic way to face the greatest current social challenges such as the response to crisis situations, the resilience, democracy or sustainable cities, but at the same time providing industrial solutions in the context of Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. This network maintains that Complexity Science together with Statistical Physics have a privileged position to contribute disruptively in the construction of new social and economic knowledge. We believe that integrating ICT, CS and Social Sciences a paradigm shift is possible that facilitates the symbiotic co-evolution of ICT and society. Network participants have a successful trajectory dealing with aspects such as cooperation, risk in markets or organizational efficiency. The network can consolidate and coordinate this interdisciplinary cooperation.

Main Objetives

Promote the communication between the different research groups working on Socio-Technological Complex Systems in Spain.

To promote Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities to contribute to
the advancement of knowledge in the field of Socio Technological Complex Systems.

Face challenges of Spanish Research at the national and international level in the field of Socio Technological Complex Systems.

Plan future joint activities in order to consolidate results from previous RDI activities.