A high accuracy power series sethod for solving higher-order nonlinear boundary value problems

Laila Al Sakkaf

Singularity formation in fuid dynamics: an imploding gas and its instabilities

Anxo Biasi

On a graph representation of real numbers

Jorge Calero Sanz

The periodic Ricker model

Jose S. Cánovas

Deep learning methods for the computation of vibrational wavefunctions

Laia Domingo

Cellular automaton simulation of the quantum Hotelling game with reservation cost

Luis García

Effect of memory in a dynamic quantum Cournot duopoly game with heterogeneous

Juan Grau-Climent

Hamiltonian structure of compartmental epidemiologial models

Iván Gutiérrez-Sagredo

On the behavior of the Generalized Alignment Index (GALI) method for regular motion in multidimensional Hamiltonian systems

Henok Moges

Magnetic metamaterials with correlated disorder

Mario Molina

Local Hurst exponent for time-series prediction: agri-food prices as a case of study

Leticia Pérez-Sienes

Gyroscopic effect and topological-charge inversion in rotating dissipative Bessel beams

Carlos Ruiz-Jiménez

Ultracold atoms in optical traps with nonlinear potentials

Tomás Sánchez-Pastor

DChaos: An R package for chaotic time series analysis (v.0.1-6)

Julio E. Sandubete

Efficient integration schemes for multidimensional disordered nonlinear Hamiltonian

Bob Senyange

Attractors for impulsive evolution processes

Jose Manuel Uzal

Lp boundedness of the scattering wave operators of Schrodinger dynamics with time-dependent potentials and applications

Xiaoxu Wu

Resolution of singularities and fractal analysis

Vesna Zupanović

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