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The aim of Net-Works 2013 is to promote the interaction between scientists studying complex networks both in Physics, Mathematics, Sociology, Computer Science, Neuroscience and Biology. The topics to be covered in the conference include:

- Multiplex Networks.
- Topological properties.
- Algorithms and Computational tools.
- Models of interactions between complex systems.
- Synchronization and Control of nonlinear systems.
- Evolutionary dynamics on graphs.
- Social networks and dynamics.
- Mathematical Biology in complex systems.
- Networks in Neuroscience.
- Networks in Economics and Social Development.

The Organizing Committee promotes a call for contributions. There will be invited lectures and short oral contributions to be selected among those presented. Otherwise, contributions will be included in the poster session. For further information you can contact by email to

Besides, the extended abstracts of all the accepted contributions will appear in the third volume of the electronic open-access journal: "The International Journal of Complex Systems in Science"(, ISSN 2174-6036.

The contributions shall be presented as follows:

The abstract shall be sent (before ) in order to know if the presentation is accepted or not.

If the presentation is accepted, it might be sent an extended abstract (more or less 3-4 pages long) that will be published in the online journal "International Journal of Complex Systems in Science"(, ISSN 2174-6036. This publication is equivalent to the book of proceedings that was delivered in previous editions of "Net-Works". This extended abstract shall be sent, as latest, one week before the congress (the exact date will be given along with the notification of acceptance).

Finally, we announce that contributions will be considered to be published in a special issue of the JCR journal "Networks and Heterogeneous Media" (Special Topic: New trends, models and applications in complex and multiplex networks").

Submissions on any new tool or new application of complex networks are welcome.

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2014

Important Dealines:

Abstract Submission November 15
Contrbution acceptance November 25
Registration reduced payment December 2

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