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Ana María Tarquis Alfonso
Catedrática de Universidad
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

DepartamentoMatemática Aplicada
CentroETSI Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas
Teléfono91 336 5826 / 91 452 4900 ex.1915
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Firma ArticuloA. M. Tarquis


"Agricultural activity shapes the communication and migration patterns in Senegal"
R. M. Benito, J. C. Losada, J. Borondo, A. M. Tarquis, A. J. Morales, S. Martín,
Special Issue of the Journal “Chaos “ (AIP) entitled “Complex Dynamics in Networks, Multilayered Structures and Systems”

"Experimental study of heat transport in fractured network"
A. M. Tarquis,
Energy Procedia, 76, 273 – 281,

"Spatial Modelling of Rainfall Patterns over the Ebro River Basin Using Multifractality and Non-Parametric Statistical Techniques"
A. M. Tarquis,
Water, 7, 6204-6227,

"Drought Risk Identification: Early Warning System of Seasonal Agrometeorological Drought"
A. M. Tarquis,
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 2435-2448,

"Fractal analysis of laplacian piramidal filters applied to soil segmentation"
A. M. Tarquis,
The Scientific World Journal, 2014, 1-13,

"Community Structure in Soil Porous System. "
J. P. Cardenas, A. Santiago, A. M. Tarquis, J. C. Losada, F. Borondo, R. M. Benito,
Soil Science (2012), 1772: 81-87.,

"Soil Porous System as Heterogeneous Complex Network"
J. P. Cardenas, A. Santiago, A. M. Tarquis, J. C. Losada, F. Borondo, R. M. Benito,
Geoderma 160, 13 (2010),

"Multiscaling of porous soils as heterogeneous complex networks"
A. Santiago, J. P. Cardenas, J. C. Losada, R. M. Benito, A. M. Tarquis, F. Borondo,
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 15, 893 (2008),